Building Out Public Transit

I believe, in a city of 53,000+, public transit should be available to everyone. Our transit system has been slowly demolished to the point of near-extinction. Around one in five adults in Elyria do not own a vehicle, and ride-sharing services can be expensive compared to a well-organized public transit system.

There are a number of cities the size of the Elyria/Lorain metro area that have very healthy public transit systems, and I can see value in combining resources to enhance Lorain County Transit in both cities. Ithaca, NY and Morgantown, WV are two examples of cities with about 100,000 people and solid public transit options. We should seek guidance and best practices from those who are already doing this well.

On a related note, I would like to learn the roadblocks preventing our Amtrak stop from being moved to our state-of-the-art transit center. As someone who uses Amtrak, it would be useful to have safe, well-lit parking for the early-morning departure times and a unified station to make transfers to Greyhound and Lorain County Transit once we've rebuilt.

Finally, bike lanes must be expanded and improved, and we must do our part to educate residents unfamiliar with sharing the road with bicycles. Placing signs requiring bikes on a busy pedestrian sidewalk and requiring cyclists to stop every hundred feet is not a sign of a bike-friendly city. In order to build up our city, we have to think beyond the car, which means talking about how we walk and bike across Elyria.

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