Cannabis Legalization

I am a very strong supporter of both medical and recreational cannabis legalization, and I'll introduce legislation similar to Sensible Toledo in which there are no fines or jail time for cannabis possession.

In regards to Ohio's medical cannabis law and councils banning operation within city limits, these cities are suffering from shortsighted logic and pervasive misinformation. Medical cannabis is for patients, people with conditions that cause intractable pain, suffering, and wasting. We're talking about Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, epilepsy, AIDS, and cancer patients. The very idea that any local official would want their residents to endure this pain when cannabis helps is appalling to me.

However, I am very happy that our council has voted to be welcoming to grow and dispensary operations, and I support that outreach as well.

In regards to recreational cannabis, one only needs to look at the statistics in recreationally legalized states: A drop in law enforcement and incarceration costs, violent crime, and addiction, and an increase in jobs and taxable income. The only thing that stands between Elyria and all of this is an outdated mindset and a prohibition that never worked. In a city where alcohol and tobacco are pervasive, we should not deny our residents a safer alternative.

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