Government Transparency

The digital presence for the city of Elyria has been underwhelming. Sections of the website are missing or inoperable, pertinent information isn't provided in a useful way, and city council meeting notes are notably absent. We can do much better.

I propose that all public meetings in council chambers are broadcast via live streaming and archived for later viewing. Beyond equipment and starting/stopping a camera, there is no cost or work involved in making this happen. This sort of transparency would increase civic participation among those who aren't able to attend in person due to work schedules, disabilities, lack of transit, or other issues.

I further propose an overhaul of the city's website, making news and updates accessible and easy to find for all residents, allowing recurring utility bill payment by credit card (something promised over a year ago), and constantly improving based on resident feedback. The city's website should be the hub of our digital presence, and currently it isn't meeting expectations.

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